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Hey, how are you?
I hope you and your family are in good health and coping with the daunting situation in which we all find ourselves. According to The New York Times, raising children has never been this isolating. I tend to agree. Parenting is by far my boldest and daring adventure. Yet, a startup can be a grind too. For both, it helps to celebrate the tiny victories.
Let’s talk about parenting.
At Adelee we set out on a journey to reimagine parenthood. We believe that if we normalized these two ideas, that parents need support and parenting is a practice that you can improve - together, we’d be a step closer to a society in which parents and their children get what they need. We understand parents have a special kind of relationship. The kind in which the why and the how carry a different, more intentional weight. So, whatever your parenting situation, we want to make mountains more manageable and help families support each other.
That’s why we are building Adelee, a messaging app designed for parents, home to your family’s most important conversations and cherished memories.
If you fancy an invite to jump on a test flight and try a different kind of messaging, simply reply with your favorite emoji and we’ll follow up with you. ✌️
Let’s get creative!
When we were thinking about how our website should look like, we asked ourselves, what’s better than us designing a website? The answer was obvious, designing a website with kids! We would love for you to join us.
How? It’s child’s play! Print this PDF and invite your kids to draw, paint or doodle whatever they feel like. Better yet, join in on the fun! When you’re finished, you can send it all back digitally or by post. We’ll transform your family’s artworks to become our website, credited with your name and all that. If things go awry at home, just frame it! My 5-year-old already started… and we can’t wait to see what you and yours create!
Day 2 of designing the ⁦@adeleeapp⁩ website. So much fun to co-create ⁦with these next gen designers. Their imagination is unparalleled.
As always, I’d love to know what you think. It’s important to us that we’re always improving, so I’m all ears. Simply hit reply whenever you feel like.
Thanks for reading and above all… follow the laughter! Laughter relaxes the muscles, reduces stress hormones, and triggers the release of endorphins aka the feel-good hormones, which in turn lowers blood pressure. Notice what makes your child laugh and simply try to recreate that.
You got this!
co-founder & ceo of Adelee, although nowadays I’m mostly “papa”
You can find us at .
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