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From huddle beginnings come great things

Hi there, I hope all is healthy & well with you and the fam. It’s been a while since I last wrote you, but today I have some news to share!


We have launched Huddle - a video messaging app made explicitly with family and friends in mind. It’s our first version with plenty of great stuff in the pipeline that will enrich your relationships. Why Huddle?
While building Adelee, we shipped many experiments to learn how we could best help parents and families use software in their daily lives — juggling between essential jobs like raising kids and running a household and the jobs that usually pay the bills.
Our focus has always been the parents since, in most cultures, they are the 🔑 to a child’s upbringing in the most formative years. We initially built a private messenger to get both parents on the same page regarding parenting and household chores.
However, as that old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. So we shipped another experiment. Huddle was intended to be a feature, to bring (extended and chosen) family and friends together in Adelee. Yet, the positive feedback was overwhelming. We were curious to figure out where this would go if we would continue to treat it as a stand-alone app.
Especially now, while the pandemic has triggered governments to issue curfews and lockdowns, families and friends haven’t been able to be together. So how do you stay part of each other’s lives? How do you keep in touch with the people that matter in a meaningful way? 
It’s not that we don’t think that social media can’t help with that. Sure, those dopamine hits are addictive, but like smoking, social media use has proven unhealthy. What if we could make these tools personal again?
Like, really personal. A safe space where your data is yours, and you don’t have to profile yourself or live life on the likes and emojis of strangers. 
Those types of interactions are not for everyone. They are usually happening within your inner circle, with the family and friends you choose to cherish in your life, the people you appreciate and love, including the flaws. We all have our weaknesses. But, at the same time, we long for authentic connection and vulnerability.
This is where Huddle comes in.
With Huddle, you can share video messages in a private setting. You choose who you invite into your huddle and share those precious moments with. All videos can be watched before they disappear after 24 hours. It’s happening async cuz life is busy. We don’t show ads or anything like that. There won’t be any strangers. It’s just you & yours.
Simply record real-life moments for as long as you want and share those with the people who matter to you because life becomes brighter when you’re focused on building meaningful relationships.
Try it
As always, I’m eager to hear what you think. Feel free to reply to this mail or start a huddle with me.
Big up,
Ps. We understand it’s annoying to wait for Huddle on Android. Even though we wish to bring Huddle to all kinds of devices, we cannot afford to develop apps for multiple platforms simultaneously. It’s a sad reality most startups deal with in this early stage. For those on Android, we hope you understand and bear with us. Follow @hhhuddle for updates.
You can find us at .
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