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Hey there, we wanted to send out our last newsletter of the year before we head offline and spend quality time with our families for the holidays.


A is for Adelee, that's who we are.
I think it’s safe to say that this year has been a year like no other. Our year at Adelee has been eventful, to say the least. Building an app in the midst of a pandemic while working fully remote (some of us with children at home) - it has been a challenge. But through it all, we’re choosing to practice gratitude, to look at the positive things in our lives instead of dwell on the negative. We’re wrapping up our year with a Zoom Christmas brunch and asking each other, “What are you grateful for?” Here’s to 2021, to new beginnings. 
Erika 〰
This was such a lovely way to wrap up the year with the @adeleeapp team 🎄
B is for Beta, what we're building right now.
We’re a few weeks into testing. Again, thanks to those who have donated their time and energy into testing with us, it’s a long and bumpy ride but we’re so grateful you’re along for the journey. We’ll be adding new testers to our Beta in January - if you would like to be added to the list, just send us a reply and we’ll get you set up.
C is for Community, this is from & for you.
  • Parents and experts weigh in on what it means to practice gratitude in times of difficulty, and how choosing to redirect your attention to the positive aspects of your life can benefit your whole family. - Read
  • We couldn’t agree more with Sue Atkins’s statement, “There’s no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one” but here’s a look at what it means to care for children (and it requires more than just meeting basic needs). - Watch
  • In this podcast, game-changers and inspirational thinkers across a variety of fields discuss the paradigm shift they would like to see in the world when it comes to parenthood and how they would shape the world for future generations. - Listen
Thanks again for reading, and if there’s anything you’d like to share with the community, just send it our way we’ll look into adding it to next month’s digest.
With that said, I want to wish you and yours happy and healthy holidays. Wherever you are, whoever you are with (or without), let’s collectively celebrate making it through to the end of this colossal train wreck of a year. Let’s wrap up the year with a dose of positivity - this kid knows what he’s talking about.
Papa, Co-founder & CEO of Adelee
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